Cognitive behavioral therapy, finally!

KBT-mottagningen Identity

KBT-mottagningen Identity

KBT-mottagningen Website

One of our latest projects has just been finalised and we thought we’d share. Made a brand new identity and website for one of the largest privately owned clinics for cognitive behavioral therapy in Gothenburg - KBT-mottagningen i Göteborg. Will be up in our portfolio shortly!

A brand new web site!


We’ve finally finished our own new web site and are happy to launch it today. Feel free to share it with the world!

The lovely Reina

Happy Holidays

Happy to get the opportunity to use the font Reina from designer Maximiliano Sproviero. We used it for a Christmas window display for a client of ours. Happy holidays everyone!



All done with Kvart Interior

Kvart Interiör

We’ve now reached the final stages of this project and are quite happy with the results. We worked closely together with the wonderfully creative Joanna Bagge who owns and runs the boutique Kvart. We started doing the logotype with a matching monogram, and then went on to choose the fonts and design for print and web. The project has been a delight and we look forward to the opening of Kvart here in Göteborg. If you’re in the area don’t miss to check it out!

Visiting Göteborgstryckeriet


Today we visited Göteborgstryckeriet which is one of Göteborgs oldest printing houses (if not the oldest), founded in 1918.

Working on Kvart’s online shop