Portfolio - Identity


Identity and website for 0700

Project description coming soon.


Identity and website with web shop for Kvart

Kvart Interiör is a newly opened design accessories boutique in Göteborg, Sweden. It is owned and managed by stylist Joanna Bagge.

Our assignment was to do the identity for Kvart (as the store is called), as well as a website and web shop.


Identity and website for Positiv Pension

Positiv Pension is a company that gives people advice on how to grow their pension funds. They wanted a new website and an updated identity with a more relaxed feel to it. The new site should reflect the positive benefits people can get from using their services. With a target market a wide as theirs (any individual between the ages of 25 to 55) they wanted a site easy enough for anyone to navigate and find the information they are looking for.


Identity and website for Salong Underbart

Salong Underbart is a hair removal salon based in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden. They wanted a new identity with a logo and website.

We wanted to give them a sense of fifties glamour but using typography reminiscent of the twenties as well. The result is a retro look that has both a twenties and fifties feel to it. We chose pastel colours combined with a charcoal grey/black.


Identity and website for Voicecom

Voicecom is a company that offers communication solutions. They launched in 2011, and needed a full identity with a web site. Our mission was to create something modern and colourful, but serious enough for the buisiness market.


Identity, website and booking system for ZAS

Zanzibar Adventure School offers courses held on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania, Africa. Their main target group is Scandinavians between the ages of 18-35. They wanted a website that gives the visitor a good view of Zanzibar, with all that it has to offer (as most visitors haven't been there before they enrol).

They had some nice photos from the island that they wanted to use, so we decided to incorporate a photo slideshow as the background, where the photos can be viewed on their own by clicking to hide the rest of the site.


Identity and website for Modus Fashion Group

Modus is a fashion agency based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They initially came to us for their website but we ended up doing their corporate identity as well.

As they were a brand new company they had no previous website so we had the pleasure of doing everything from scratch.