Portfolio - print design


Maps for Familjebostäder

This was a project that was commissioned by stylist/decorator Joanna Bagge for one of her clients window display. Her assignment was to dress a window front for the realtors Familjebostäder in Gothenburg. They wanted to show all of their areas in an inspiring way with retro photos of the buildings. The idea was to have three maps representing different neighbourhoods in Gothenburg and link the photos to these. Our assignment was to illustrate these maps.


Brochure for Voicecom

Voicecom needed a brochure to send out to potential clients. We chose a square format and a paper with a glossy finish. It is clamped and shut with a round two centimetre sticker.


Brochure for Pilates Complete

Pilates Complete needed a brochure to give out to potential clients with information about themselves and what they have to offer. This is the result!