Identity and website for Positiv Pension

Type: + +   Client: Positiv Pension   Year: 2012

What we did:

Positiv Pension is a company that gives people advice on how to grow their pension funds. They wanted a new website and an updated identity with a more relaxed feel to it. The new site should reflect the positive benefits people can get from using their services. With a target market a wide as theirs (any individual between the ages of 25 to 55) they wanted a site easy enough for anyone to navigate and find the information they are looking for.

We focused on giving the site a clear look by choosing a large width and a quite large font size in the menu. We chose photos that any Swede (as a target market is Sweden) can relate to and that are symbolic of the simple day-to-day life moments we all want more of.

We kept their original red colour but tweaked the hue to give it some more pop, and introduced a green and a blue colour

to complement. The fonts are all changed to more rounded open styles. The client wanted to keep their original logo so we updated it to fit the new modern design (see the before and after below).

All in all the site is easy to navigate, with clear and crisp colours.