Identity and website for Voicecom

Type: + +   Client: Voicecom   Year: 2011

What we did:

Voicecom is a company that offers communication solutions for businesses. They launched in 2011, and needed a full identity and a web site. Our mission was to create something modern and colourful, but serious enough for the target market.

We started with the identity, and chose a font with a somewhat soft curvature to it, while still being open and strong. The main colour is a crisp green, and the logo can be used with any

other colour as well. The base colours for the web site are warm grey and white, together with crisp green, red and yellow, as well as some other bold colours here and there.

As the content is very limited we chose to make a single page web site, with the menu at the top linking to the different sections. In this way everything on the site is very clear and easily accessible, and the information is overviewed in a

nice way. In some parts the content slides horizontally as to fit more text in.