Identity, website and booking system for ZAS

Type: + +   Client: Zanzibar Adventure School   Year: 2011

What we did:

Zanzibar Adventure School offers courses held on the island of  Zanzibar in Tanzania, Africa. Their main target group is Scandinavians between the ages of 18-35. They wanted a website that gives the visitor a good view of Zanzibar, with all that it has to offer (as most visitors haven’t been there before they enrol).

They had some nice photos from the island that they wanted to use, so we decided to incorporate a photo slideshow as the

background, where the photos can be viewed on their own by clicking to hide the rest of the site.

We wanted to give the site an airy feel, and did so by using transparency and movement where possible. The information that needed to exist on the site is quite extensive, so we divided it into several menus.

The site is built on Concrete 5 (CMS) which allows the client to update any content on their own. We also built a student management system where the school management can keep track of all the student information and manage courses.