Here is a selection of our work so far. Choose a project in the list here below or just scroll through them. Don't forget to click on the projects that interest you to see more pictures and read about the process. Enjoy!


Brochure for Voicecom

Voicecom needed a brochure to send out to potential clients. We chose a square format and a paper with a glossy finish. It is clamped and shut with a round two centimetre sticker.


Web development for stylist Lisa Carlén

Lisa Carlén is a Stockholm based fashion editor and stylist with over ten years experience in the field. She wanted to tighten up her existing website and change the way the photos were shown.

The layout was changed and we rewrote all of the code and polished the logotype just a bit. A photo slider was put in place to show all photos in one slide.


Identity and website for Voicecom

Voicecom is a company that offers communication solutions. They launched in 2011, and needed a full identity with a web site. Our mission was to create something modern and colourful, but serious enough for the buisiness market.


Identity, website and booking system for ZAS

Zanzibar Adventure School offers courses held on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania, Africa. Their main target group is Scandinavians between the ages of 18-35. They wanted a website that gives the visitor a good view of Zanzibar, with all that it has to offer (as most visitors haven't been there before they enrol).

They had some nice photos from the island that they wanted to use, so we decided to incorporate a photo slideshow as the background, where the photos can be viewed on their own by clicking to hide the rest of the site.


Party invitation for Pilates Complete

To celebrate their one-year anniversary, pilates studio Pilates Complete thru a party for all their clients. The theme for the party was circus fun. For this they wanted an invitation for both e-mail and print. Here is the result!


Website for Sjögren Bygg

Sjögrens Bygg owns and manages properties in central Göteborg, Sweden. They also do project management for property development. They needed a new web site where their tenants can easily find information relevant to them, as well as listing vacant properties.


Brochure for Pilates Complete

Pilates Complete needed a brochure to give out to potential clients with information about themselves and what they have to offer. This is the result!


Identity and website for Modus Fashion Group

Modus is a fashion agency based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They initially came to us for their website but we ended up doing their corporate identity as well.

As they were a brand new company they had no previous website so we had the pleasure of doing everything from scratch.